Game Localization Agency Directory – 2020 Edition

There are multiple ways of entering the game localization industry, and one of the most common ones is by working with agencies who are specialized in this particular niche. I have compiled a list of some of the well-known ones to help you in your research. Read more to see the full list!

Game agencies

Game agencies usually provide a complete package of services, including Translation, Editing/Proofreading and Localization QA. Some specialize in a particular market (FIGS, Asia, etc.), while others offer pretty much every language combination you can think of.

Disclaimer: This list is sorted alphabetically. I may or may not have worked with some of the companies/agencies below, but due to NDAs, I will not answer any questions related to them. Moreover, I will not endorse any of the companies/studios mentioned below – You are free to do your own research, and this list is only provided to serve as reference.

Buka Entertainment
Keywords Studios
Level Up Translations
Localsoft Games
Logrus IT
Quantic Lab
Pole To Win
Mogi Group
Native Prime
Terra Localizations
The Most Games

Localization teams

While not “agencies” in the strictest sense of the term, Localization teams are usually comprised of veteran translators who either specialize in one particular language pair, or offer services as part of a team (but not necessarily a company).

NameWebsitePrimary focus
Gloc Team
LocSmiths (Portugal & Brazil)

Note that the lists above are by no means exhaustive and is primarily focused on the EU (FIGS) market.  If you’d like to help expand them, feel free to contact me at: me[at]

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